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Our Roatan Resort's Idyllic & Diverse Island

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands, measuring almost 40 miles in length with a landmass of 49 square miles. The island has a mountainous backbone and is surrounded by coral reefs.

Roatan in the Bay Islands enjoys year-round temperatures of 27°C (80°F), and has white-sand beaches, lush valleys, low cost of living, a safe environment and friendly locals.

Roatan Unique From Mainland Honduras Life and Culture

Life on Roatan is different from mainland Honduras life. Because of its unique history, English is widely spoken in Roatan, although the official language of Honduras is Spanish. For 200 years, Spanish conquistadores and British pirates battled for control of these islands, with the English controlling Roatan for many years.

Roatan’s history also includes the Garifuna culture while mainland Honduras culture has an ancient Mayan influence. Roatan’s villages show the island’s diverse culture. Punta Gorda is the first Garifuna village in Central America while French Harbor has one of the largest fishing fleets in the Caribbean.

Island events also reflect Roatan’s culture with a Garifuna Festival, a Pirate Fair, a Shrimp Festival and the Roatan Fishing Tournament.

Roatan and the Bay Islands - Free Ports for Business

In 2008, the Honduran government made the Bay Islands a Duty-Free Zone. All activities, investments and business opportunities related to tourism will now be tax free, and travelers will enjoy the island’s amenities tax and duty free.

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