Infinity Bay Developers

Developing Luxury Roatan Island Real Estate Properties

The developers of Infinity Bay are:

Eugene C. Albert. In 1977, while majoring in marketing and management at the University of Oregon, Mr. Albert received a real estate license from the State of Oregon. By 1982 he had switched his focus from residential real estate to entirely investment real estate. In 1993, after eleven years of brokering investment real estate, he co-founded Mansell Development, Inc. to develop multi-family housing and subdivisions. In 1997 he co-founded Credit Concepts, Inc., an ongoing northwest regional lending institution with offices in Oregon and Washington. In addition to sitting on the board of directors for Credit Concepts Inc., he is currently a partner in several real estate holding companies, developing, acquiring and managing investment real estate.

Steven J. Romania graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1976. Steve has been an automobile dealer since 1979. Steve created his first commercial real estate development in 1989 and has been involved in real estate investment and development since, while operating the area's largest Chevrolet, Toyota, Subaru and Hyundai dealerships, as well as RV dealerships in three states. Recently selling his automobile franchises and RV franchises, Steve has become a full-time real estate developer and investor.

Scott Bocci graduated from the University of Oregon with a business degree in 1981 and joined Merrill Lynch as a broker in 1982. Scott began his real estate investment career in 1983, purchasing distressed residential properties. Since that time, Scott has acquired numerous residential and commercial properties, and owns and manages HFF Enterprises, LLC, a real estate investment and management company. He also owns a multiple location retail business in the lawn and garden industry.

Vernon L. Albert. In 1980 Vernon Albert joined Meyers Construction Company, focusing on metal warehouse construction, and in 1984 Mr. Albert formed Albert Construction Company. Through his construction company and other joint ventures, Mr. Albert supervised the construction of homes and the development of subdivisions throughout the 80's and 90's. In 2004 Mr. Albert purchased a tract of ocean front property in West End Village on the Island of Roatan. Nearing the completion of five high-end luxury villas, Mr. Albert currently resides in Roatan and will oversee the construction of the project.

The developers are supported and backed by a team of many seasoned Caribbean and American professionals.

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