Roatan Dolphin Activities

Thrilling Roatan Snorkeling, Diving, & Swimming Experiences Amongst Dolphins

Roatan Institute of Marine Studies at Anthony's Key Resort offers many unique opportunities for encounters with dolphins, snorkeling, diving and swimming.

Guests at Infinity Bay receive guest rates at Anthony's Key Resort facilities. Roatan dolphin activities include:

Dolphin Beach Encounter

This encounter requires no swimming skills, and is ideal for small children, the elderly, and anyone who wants to interact with dolphins without cumbersome snorkeling gear. Provides great photo opportunities.

There are no advance bookings, all Roatan dolphin arrangements are to be made on property.

Dolphin Encounter & Snorkel

Accompanied by a dolphin behaviorist and videographer, a maximum of ten snorkelers interact with the dolphins off a white-sand key in approximately 20 feet of water. Session includes a 25-minute beach encounter and 30 minute dolphin snorkeling session. If the dolphins choose not to interact, there is a private area for them within the two-acre enclosure. Minimum age 13.

Dolphin Dives

Eight divers take a five minute boat ride to a shallow reef wall, accompanied by a dive guide, dolphin behaviorist and videographer. Divers spend 45 minutes observing, photographing and playing with the dolphins in the open ocean, in depths of up to 60' over a white sand bottom. Divers need a certification card to participate.

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