Cayos Cochinos

Aerial view of stunning Cayos Cochinos near Infinity Bay Resort


8 hours

Snacks, lunch, and open bar

What to bring:
Comfortable clothing, sturdy footwear, camera, towel, sunscreen, swimwear and snorkel gear.

Cayos Cochinos consists of 15 small islands and is a national marine monument listed in the National Geographic as the tenth place you must visit in the world, and is long renowned as the Caribbean’s last untouched deserted island. On this trip, you see all 15 keys and visit four of them. Your journey will begin onboard a powerful motorboat with a skilled captain and crew. During your one-hour journey there, you can look out for dolphins or possibly even the elusive whale shark. You will snorkel to three breathtaking snorkel sites at the Cayos Cochinos National Marine Monument, where you’ll be able to see 66 species of hard coral, coral reefs, atolls, sea turtles and other iconic species. But the highlight of your trip is arriving at the one-acre village island of Chachauate. The community is made up of 100 Garífuna villagers with descendants from Africa, Island Carib and the Arawak people. All the villagers will treat you to a traditional island lunch of grilled snapper and plantains as well as rice and beans."