Dolphin Snorkel Swim

Closeup on a dolphin snorkel diver near Infinity Bay Resort

Transportation Included

1 hour

Lockers, showers

Min Max. Capacity:
1-10 guests
3 days advanced booking

What to bring:
Comfortable clothing, camera, towel, sunscreen and swimwear.

Additional Information:
No pregnant women, must be at least 8 years old, no cameras during snorkel.

In this activity you will first do the 30-minute Dolphin Encounter and then get to snorkel with 10 to 12 dolphins for 30 minutes without a trainer. (This is one of the few centers in the WORLD where you can experience it in this way.) The naturally curious dolphins are free to interact with you as they choose. Typically, a pod will approach you so you can pick up seaweed and play catch. The snorkel session will provide maximum opportunities for physical contact with the dolphins. Make sure you book this tour in advance as the activity is limited to 10 people per time slot.